Thank you very much for supporting me through my college application process. your devotion and effort will always be on my mind and I am very blessed to have had your guidance. I would not have gotten into the college of my choice without you! Once again, thank you so much and all of your students are lucky to have you!

Thank you Kris for your help, advice and thoughts through this college application process. You and SK have helped my family and I in so many ways. Now I'm going to be attending the school of my dreams in the fall, and I am very grateful to have had you here on this journey with me. Without you I don't think this would have happened. Thank yo so much for everything Kris.

Thank you so much for everything you've done or me. You played a crucial part through my college process and I have you to thank the most of helping me get to where I am today. Thanks to you, I get to look forward to an amazing future at UPenn. Thank you for putting up with my endless questions and for making one of the most difficult/stressful processes easy to navigate through and complete. No amount of words can express how grateful I am for you and all your help!

Hey SK Consultant! I thought the decision was coming out tomorrow but I got into Rice! Thank you so much for helping me on my essays; the differences between my first ones versus my finals are huge and I really don’t think I would’ve got in if you didn’t help.

Throughout the college process, I would have been so lost without your guidance and help. You have always been encouraging and supportive through everything, and I truly appreciate that. Thank you for helping me get back up and for everything over the past few months. Your help will never be forgotten. I will keep you updated on the admissions process!

孩子大学升学如何报考、选择美国大学升学顾问是大多数家长所做的事情。我们对当地几家升学顾问机构进行考察、经过几次面试沟通、最后选择了离家较远的SK Consultant老师,在他的帮助下、对孩子的现状进行了逐步分析、制定了报考日程及材料准备。事实证明,我们选择是合理的、孩子在SK Consultant老师的指导下,去年12月份被密西根大学安娜堡分校(ROSS商学院)早期录取(EA)。这归功于SK Consultant老师的一切努力、他非常熟悉各个大学申请的潜在要求及录取标准程序,能够预料学生申请中出现的问题、并及时调整与补充。孩子经常与SK Consultant老师在网上进行沟通。他厚实的专业素质,简朴的讲话方式、使孩子能够减轻负担、在升学的道路上愉快地一路走来,完成既定目标。非常感谢SK Consultant老师的帮助。

After two years, I finally got into the school that I really wanted to go to! Looking back, I am so thankful for all your help, guidance and support. Since high school, you helped me so much with the college process and taught me a lot of lessons and tips in life. I can never forget! Thank you so much! I will visit you once I get the chance to! I hope that you are always well!

As my move-in date comes closer and closer and my first day as an official college student is about to begin, I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone at SK Education for helping both my family and I through the college application process. From the endless essays to trying to work Common App through their malfunctions, we really appreciate all your help.

Before discovering SK, my family and I thought that we were limited to just public UC schools; we were planning on just having me go directly into UCI without any discussions or any other options because we strongly believe that being a first-generation student and an Asian-American that going to a private school was off-limits, but because of all the help that SK has provided through the essay revisions, financial aid assistance and application guidance, the opportunity to go to a private school became a reality. Thank you so much for everything!

美国大学升学顾问是个专业性很强的职业,我们前期对十几家培训机构升学顾问进行考察沟通调研,最后选择了SK Consultant老师,事实证明,我们的选择完全正确,孩子在老师的指导下,17年12月初被康奈尔大学早申录取。这源于SK Consultant老师不但熟悉各个大学申请的潜在要求及录取标准程序,还非常熟悉美国教育体系和运作方式,能针对每个孩子自身的特质,寻找最佳与最匹配的学校和专业,并科学耐心地协助孩子充分准备逐一落实,专业的素质,踏实的作风,幽默的交流,良好的心态,陪伴孩子一路走来,完成既定目标,非常感谢SK Consultant老师的辛勤付出。

SK Consultant’s experience and expertise were integral elements to my successful college application process. Familiar with both the UC personal insight prompts and supplemental essays of many private universities, SK Consultant helped me craft responses that were seamlessly tailored to each college’s defining characteristics. In addition to the technical skills, he is one of the few adults I know who express tremendous respect and compassion for students, and I was comfortable communicating my thoughts without worrying about being judged. In short, SK Consultant possesses the ideal level of knowledge and emotional intelligence to optimally assist students in their careers.












Kris Kim








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