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Aug 11


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4 Days of College ABC

  • Personalized Admissions Report:
    Detailed assessment of student's academic credentials, extra-curricular activities, and other qualifications. Advice on class selection and adding a boost on activity list.
  • Personalized Consultation:
    The team of college admission experts, including Dr. Kris Kim, PhD from Stanford admission experience work one on one and in small groups to complete the entire aspects of the application.
  • Provides a complete road map for targeted colleges:
    Work with the SK College Application Booth Camp team to prepare a suit of essays and to develop an application strategy to incluse your college acceptance to the targeted colleges.
  • Exclusive copies on:
    The Ultimate Guide to Dissecting the Common App, Letters of Recommendations Tracker, Activity Sheet Tips and Samples, Activity Sheet Template, The Guide to Drafting College List, Financial Aid and Interpreting Award Letters

After the 4 days of College ABC:

  • Complete Common Application:
    Work one on one and in small groups to complete the entire Common Application
  • Prepare Multiple Essays:
    Leave with essays that can be adapted for supplements
  • Develop Acceptance Strategy:
    Customized application plan to maximize early acceptances
  • Create Activity and Achievements Inventory:
    Sum up high school awards, activities and extras in an Activity Sheet
  • Ace the Interviews:
    Learn interview techniques


Throughout all my years helping students and families achieve success in education planning and positive college outcomes, the one thing I believe is most important is having the proper tools and right knowledge to succeed. Just within the last 10 years, we have seen significant changes to the college admission process. First, grades have become even more important as colleges continue to rely on them to predict college success. Second, the importance of class ranking has decreased, which means being the valedictorian doesn't guarantee admission. Third, there is consideration for Demonstrated Interest, where colleges use different ways to tell a students actual knowledge and interest in their schools. Fourth, more schools are adopting the test-optional policy where SAT and ACT are not necessarily required for admission. Fifth, in light of all the anxiety over getting meaningful teacher recommendations, colleges are actually giving this less weight because they know that it's not easy to make great relationships with teachers for every student.All this creates much confusion for parents who want to position their students in the best way for college application season. And this confusion makes decision-making very difficult for parents which translates to added stress within the family. This is the reason why I have dedicated life to having the best information and resources to help your child succeed. In my experience, I have attended countless counselor conventions, spoken to numerous high education professionals such as admission officers, college representatives, and consulted the brightest minds and most successful professionals in college counseling across the world. I have looked at all the data and all the commentary to decipher between what's true and accurate and what is false. And all my years of work has led me to this point to share with you what I believe is the best approach to college admissions. I have compiled all this information to be presented to you and your students over four days in August. (8/9-8/12) During this camp, I will share with and your students everything I know so that you can be as informed as I am. At the end of my camp, students will know the following:1. The best ways to research colleges
2. What the UC really is, and how to attack the PIQ's
3. Have high quality drafts of all four PIQ's
4. What key characteristics to consider when choosing colleges and how to find them
5. How to complete the best application
6. What are financial aid and scholarships and how to apply for them
7. What is the Common App
8. Have a high quality draft of your Common App essay

It has taken us many years to compile the best and most relevant information regarding these topics and now, we are ready to share it with you. I believe that there are no mysteries in college admissions. With the right guidance, you too can achieve success. The best part of all, to make this more affordable to more people, the cost is only $1450/student.