Education and Career Path Consulting

  • Application Materials

  • Essays

  • Preliminary and Secondary Supplements

  • Graduate / Professional Degree Programs

    • Medical School
    • Pharmacy
    • Law
    • Masters, PhD.
    • MBA
    • Nursing

1. First Consultation: During this initial consultation, students will meet with our Directors to discuss the possibilities for their future studies and create an objective list of goals for the next meeting.

2. Choosing a Program: Many students know the programs to which they want to apply, while others are unsure of the next step to take. SK Education Directors have varied experience in multiple fields to allow students to get an indirect experience and vision for their future.

3. Program Selection: Students will work with a Director-Level Consultant to choose the programs that best fit with the students’ overall academic profile and professional desires.

4. Essays / Supplements / Interview: Students will work with direction and advice of their Director Consultant on all facets of any writing involved during the application process. If the application requires supplementary material or secondary essays this will also be addressed by the Director. Finally, the Director will advise and instruct students on appropriate interview tactics and helpful tips for success.