SK Education offers Consulting Programs for international students studying either in the United States or in foreign countries. Through digital interfaces, SK Directors and Consultants are able to work with students on a variety of issues. SK Education is dedicated to providing quality service to students wherever they are located.


Many students, whether international or domestic, have difficulty finding meaningful and academically related programs to attend during summer vacation. SK Education utilizes our unique perspective to provide students with options that will satiate their curiosity. Programs range from STEM subjects to literature and cultural studies. Prepare for your next summer, today!


SK Education provides younger students and families pathways to study in the United States. Whether a family is looking for private Boarding or Day School options, SK Education has a network of schools to connect students to. Each student has a unique profile which requires a one-of-a-kind environment for students to thrive. Let SK Education help you and your family to find the optimal match.