SK Education Consulting Group Inc.’s mission is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive
College Consulting services and the best possible Financial Aid solutions.

Our services include College Admission Strategy, planning,
application review and completion, Financial Aid processing, appeal, and renewal.

Our proven track record, combined with esteemed academic backgrounds,
our consultants are prepared to help our clients achieve their college dreams.

We, at SKCGI, pride ourselves in sharing in your success.
We are committed to pursing and striving for the best for our students in higher education.


Personalized admission strategy based on client's background, personality, experience, both academic and non-academic accomplishments.


International students face unique barriers to studying in the United States. Let the SK Team provide you with a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you prepare for your future.


SK Education provides students with an array of tools to help them find their calling and also the path to Graduate or Professional Programs by helping each student develop their strengths.


Comprehensive financial aid service and consulting. Personalized financial aid planning with Expected Family Contribution (EFC) projection.