College Admission Strategy Counseling

  • Set up personalized admission strategy based on client’s background, personality, experience, academic achievements and non-academic accomplisments.

  • Tailored application generation, review, and submission for desired colleges

  • Offer practical career path and/or Graduate School options and advice.

  • Provide a list of must do’s and don’ts for high school students preparing for college admission.

  • Identify useful extracurricular, volunteer work, internships and summer jobs.

  • Tips on getting impressive letters of recommendation.

  • Generate winning essays by several rounds of critiques, suggestions and revisions.

  • Stage mock interviews for college admission.

1. Profiling: 1:1 Coaching system from SK starts from understanding each student including his or her strength and weakness. Adopting an individualized personality test and projecting student achievement latitude, SK provides the comprehensive student profile.

2. Collaboration: SK is distinguished from others by bringing highly trained experts in various areas, including medical doctors, university professors, engineers, lawyers, and admission officers to provide professional consultation on the areas of each students’ academic interest. See detail profiles of consultant from SK Consultant section.

3. Understanding: SK’s education program covers beyond college admission process. SK provides a long-term planning of pursuing graduate degrees and career planning to each student. Caring each student’s best interest, SK provides nurturing mentorship that makes an impact on the students’ future.

4. Comprehension: SK encourages students to pursue beyond their current academic positions. We believe that students’ academic and professional aspiration can be accomplished with realizing uncovered personal potential.

Our Results – College Acceptances – 2019
  • Princeton: 3

  • Harvard: 1

  • Columbia: 2

  • Cornell 1

  • Duke: 3

  • Stanford: 1

  • UPenn: 5

  • John Hopkins: 1

  • Northwestern: 3

  • Yale: 2

  • Williams College: 1

  • UOP: 12

  • Santa Clara University: 15

  • USC: 12

  • Boston College: 8

  • Carnegie Mellon: 5

  • Emory: 8

  • NYU: 15

  • Berkeley: 21

  • UCLA: 28